“Global Design Research”: Sketchnotes from UXLX

On the second day of UXLX, I attended Daniel Szuc‘s morning workshop, “Global Design Research.” This workshop was a good primer for those who want to consider expanding their frame of the ethnographic world by considering what it really means to involve different cultures in their research. My sketchnotes (these done on an iPad) follow.

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“Lean UX”: Sketchnotes from UXLX

After a prelude in a morning session by Kelly Goto called “Lean Ethnography”, I found the afternoon “Lean UX” session to be immensely informative. Jeff Gothelf did a great job explain the core concepts and breaking down exercises so the group could get a hands-on feel. My sketchnotes from the lecture portions follow.

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“Lean Ethnography”: Sketchnotes from UXLX

This week I’m in Lisbon, Portugal for the UXLX conference, which draws in a large global audience of over 30 countries. My first workshop of the event was a 3-hour session lead by Kelly Goto about Lean Ethnography, and focused on “why-finding” techniques that fit within the shorter, more iterative cycles of a lean environment. It was a good lead-in to Jeff Gothelf’s session, “Lean UX”.

Below are some sketchnotes…this batch was drawn with a Sensu stylus and iPad.

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