eBay Box


The eBay Box project was an experiment that provided reusable, eco-friendly shipping boxes to a pilot group of eBay sellers. Each box is tagged with a unique ID. When a buyer receives a purchase in an eBay Box, they can use the unique ID to redeem eBay bucks, track the past travels of their box, and see how reusing it benefits the environment. The web app encouraged these buyers to reuse the box by selling an item of their own. Since shipping was one of the biggest logistical pain points preventing some buyers from selling on eBay, the implicit goal of this pilot was to test whether more buyers could be converted into sellers by bootstrapping them with shipping supplies.

I was responsible for creating storyboards to communicate usage scenarios of the eBay Box pilot program to vendors and internal stakeholders. I also worked on specifications for the web app.

Although the eBay Box program has ended, you can read more details about it on this page.

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  • Storyboarding
  • Specs