Jelly Hair No. 1

Watercolor painting, 12″W X 16″H

This is a fanciful watercolour illustration of a mythical-like creature that has orange jellyfish for hair. Soft, contrasting colours give this an ethereal, calm tone. I conducted a number of studies before producing the final piece; you can see several of them shown here.

Painted on Arches 300lb Coldpress with Winsor & Newton paints.

Rooster and Iguana

Watercolor painting, 8″H X 10″W

Inspired by a visit to a few Caribbean islands, I painted this fanciful pairing of an iridescent rooster and a blue iguana. These two probably wouldn’t work together in real live, but it’s fun to imagine them as partners in crime.

Painted on Arches 140lb Coldpress with Winsor & Newton paints.


Watercolor painting showing a blue iguana with a golden horn

Watercolor painting, 8″ W X 7″ H

This light-hearted quirky watercolor painting depicts an iguana with a horn, like the mythical unicorn. It’s inspired by the blue iguanas of the Cayman Islands.

Painted on Arches 140lb coldpress paper with Winsor & Newton paints.

Ode to Screechie

Vibrant watercolour painting of a screaming cockatoo with a rainbow-colored crest
Watercolour painting, 10cm x 15cm My interpretation of a sulphur-crested cockatoo when it screeches. This is painted in ode to a particularly noisy cockatoo that likes to scream outside my window early on summer mornings. Painted on 90lb watercolour paper with Winsor and Newton paints.


Watercolor painting, 12″W X 16″H
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I started a brief series on giraffes earlier in 2013, and this is one of my favorites. A giraffe sprouts its own foliage to keep its family well fed and shaded. Painted on Arches 300lb Coldpress with Winsor & Newton paints.