Beach Party, Plastiscene Era

Illustration of people hanging underneath inflated unicorn, mermaid, and golden goose swim rings

Digital painting (Illustrator on iPad)

I sketched this idea of people hanging upside down from floating inner tubes two years ago, without knowing how I wanted to render the piece or what I wanted it to say. Eventually, I realised I wanted to say something about plastic in our oceans…so here we are.

Find Jeffrey!

Illustration to find Jeffrey Zeldman

Have a blast trying to find An Event Apart organizer Jeffrey Zeldman in this Halloween-themed, homage-to-Where’s-Waldo illustration, which was included as part of my “New Users Matter, Too” presentation to demonstrate how we have a tendency to inundate new users with information.

Other characters included Val Head, Dan Mall, Brad Frost & his dog, Lara Hogan, Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Rick & Morty, the cast of Stephen Universe, Zombie Waldo (it was Halloween, after all!), Frida Kahlo, and many more. See if you can find them!

Watch a time-lapse video of my illustration process.