I had the immense pleasure of speaking at Webdagene 2015 in Oslo, Norway.  But I was also lucky enough to catch stellar presentations from a number of top speakers in the industry. Below are my sketch notes from a select batch of presentations.

Webdagene sketchnotes

Kevin Hoffman, “Co-Designing Content”

You can see the full video from Kevin’s presentation here

Sketchnotes from Co-Designing Content

Gerry McGovern, “Decline of trust, rise of trust”

View the slides from Gerry’s talk here.

Sketchnotes from Decline of trust, rise of trust

Brenna Lynch, “Crafting insights: How Etsy does research outside the lab”

See the video from Brenna’s talk here.

Sketchnotes from Crafting Insights

Jeff Gothelf, “Building a culture of innovation”

A video from Jeff’s presentation will soon be posted here.

Sketchnotes from Building a culture of innovation

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