Custom Tooltip Prototype in Flash Catalyst CS5

I’ve been playing around with ways to simulate rich tooltipping with Flash Catalyst CS5.  I decided to create a prototype around the idea of having a geotagged, map-view showcase of my watercolor paintings from around the world.   In this prototype, I focused on simulating rich tooltips that would contain their own gallery controls to view each location’s artwork, as well as trying to simulate simple tooltips with a datalist element for the large gallery view.

I haven’t gotten a chance to go back through my workflow and optimize my image sizes yet, so load time might be a little lengthy to start.  I’ll try to adjust this later.  You may notice some odd flickering as the pin tooltips fade in, which I believe to be tied to the layered, un-optimized images.

There are also some issues with trying to simulate tooltips in a datalist element, because there is no over state for a selected element.

Click here to launch the full version, hosted from

For good measure, I also am including my process sketches, below.  Planning is key when working with such a rich application!