Onboarding for the Long Run

“Onboarding for the long run” was a presentation series about designing onboarding that helps users beyond the first run. While that can sound daunting, I used the presentation to help break things down into actionable chunks. First, I outlined the different opportunities across the customer journey during which onboarding techniques are helpful. Then, I presented a diverse toolkit of onboarding methods that teams could use to help users in different situations, leading to long-term benefit in our products.

This talk was shared at:

  • UX Lisbon, 2020
  • UX New Zealand, 2019
  • UX Days Tokyo, 2019
  • UX Days Seoul, 2019
  • UX Australia, 2018
  • UX London, 2018
  • An Event Apart San Francisco, 2017
  • An Event Apart Seattle, 2017
  • Hosted on UIE’s All You Can Learn Library