October Watercolors

Trick or treat!  It’s Halloween, and also the day for a watercolor update.  Oddly, I did no pumpkin, ghost or zombie paintings this month. I did some traveling this October so, instead of 16+ quick paintings in my sketchbook, I used my vacation time to create more refined, professional pieces.  I’ve also included a scan of one of them in progress to show a bit of my technique.  Feel free to inquire about purchases of the originals or getting prints made. I’ve been asked how I deal, space-wise, with the large amount of watercolors that I’ve generated this year.  While many of them are nicely tucked away in sketchbooks, the singular, larger pieces are displayed clothesline-style on my walls.  I’ve found this to be the most nondestructive and space conscious way to display watercolors.  Then I only need to frame my favorites.   It’s much cheaper than purchasing frames for everything!

Twine and mini-clothespins are a quick, easy and non-destructive solution for displaying mulitple watercolors.

Enjoy the watercolors from this month, and I’ll see you all in November with another update.

The big pieces

All of these were done on 10×14 heavyweight cold-press block paper.

"The Lighthouse": This is a rendition of the lighthouse at Disney's Yacht Club resort. The detail and color variation was challenging, but worth it. Contact for pricing.

"Lovely Cove": An illustrative, somewhat imaginative take on a man-made lagoon. I enjoy the soft color palette and the story around the wetsuit-clad kid making a splash. Contact for pricing.

"Day at the Beach": A painting done while sitting on the white sands on Clearwater Beach, Florida. A mother and son build a sand castle in the reflective sliver of water at beach's end. Contact for pricing.

Here's a sample of a work in progress, where I captured the most important pieces (the figure and light sources) first. The woman in the beach chair was especially urgent because I started this piece from life and will continue it from memory, so I had to get her right before she left. I also laid down the major areas of shadow and highlight, and will continue with the mid tones later.

See the finished version of the above painting.

The sketches

A study of the Yacht Club lighthouse as practice for the larger piece.

A more detailed view of the lighthouse. On this day, it was windy and the skies were turbulent, so my focus was on capturing the drifting clouds.

A simple, extremely fast sketch of a lounge chair and its shadows. At this point, I'm starting to get the knack of sand details.

People and ducks. 'Nuff said.

A quiet lagoon in the very earlier morning. I'm practicing my skills in capturing the various states of water (here, pooled water vs. running water).

The sun breaking through rainclouds. I'm not really pleased with this, but it was done in five minutes.

Lifeguard at the pool during a storm It's a very flat image, but, story-wise, it has more potential to be translated into a larger piece.