March Watercolors

It’s time again for a watercolor progress update.  I’m not going to say much in advance about this batch; I continued on a couple of threads from last month (monks) and ended with a thread I’ll likely continue with next month (jumping rope).  In general, this batch is much, much looser than the last two, as I was trying out a process of 15-minute sketches.  Share your thoughts!

More Monks

This is another Avatar-the-Last-Airbender-inspired piece. A monk manipulating fire.

A sketch of a monk walking a bicycle along a wooded trail

Two young monks being told a tale by their teacher

A group of monks congregating at dawn. Inspired by photographs of a sanctuary.

It’s Raining Outside

From the first week in March, when it was raining.

And from the penultimate week in March, when it was still raining

Urban Inspiration

I couldn't help it: I was watching The Wire, and just loved the scene where Omar walks the streets in his pajamas

Jumping Rope