June Watercolors

6 months into my watercolor sketching resolution, and still going strong.  June had me working on an eclectic array of subject matter, from the abstract to the ridiculously illustrative, and utilizing different paper sizes and media (salt, frisket, and more).  Some of these pieces took me the full hour, and others took a scant 5 minutes.  Which ones do you think took the longest?

A linear abstract using frisket and broad washes

The Great Outdoors

These paintings were done after I spent some time out in the summer sun.  Thankfully we had very little rain in June.

A quick sketch of a canopy zipliner, from the perspective of someone on the ground.

Capturing a day at a park picnic. I reduced a large group of 10 or so sitting under the tree to a simpler group of 2 (and a dog!)

After a short trip to Hawaii, I painted this assortment of starfish to hang out in my living room.

Faces and lightning

I took a turn from the outdoorsy to the personal by jumping into portraiture.  I wanted to play with skin tones and shadow, since those are always a challenge.

More successful than I planned for, I just love how this expression shines through.

It's a great challenge to capture abnormal facial expressions.

Not the best portrait of these 3, but it was a fun concept.

This girl has a pretty quirky expression, but I lost a lot of it in the shadows of her face.

This one is much better in balancing blues and purples with warm hues.

Expressive Daisies

In this series I started from a single daisy and graduated to a bouquet of daisies, working to a much more expressive technique towards the end.

And, random

Finally, this one came at the request of a friend, who appears to love pterodactyls. Thanks, and see you next month with another batch!