Free jack-o-lantern stencils inspired by Angry Birds

After downloading and playing the awesome Angry Birds: Halloween edition, I was inspired to do something Birds-related on my own. My first idea, for a Big Fat Red Bird costume made of paper mache, came to me far too late to act on and would have been near impossible to maneuver. I wanted something simple, craft-y, and shareable. Something that could spread some Halloween cheer and be used by my fellow Angry Birds fans.

Thus, I submit to you 7 homemade and FREE jack-o-lantern patterns of my favorite Birds characters. Included in this batch are the pig, the normal red bird, the giant red bird, the yellow bird, the blue bird (you should get 3 pumpkins for this one!), the egg-laying bird, and the bomb bird. Sorry guys, I left out boomerang bird. It’s just not my fave. Read the full post for instructions.

New stencils update! I’ve made additional stencils for Bubbles, the orange bird; Stella, the pink bird, and Al, the boomerang bird; as well as the cast of birds from Angry Birds Space. Find them here!

How to carve with the patterns:

  • Print them out (you can resize in your own image editing app, if you’d like) and attach to your pumpkin.
  • Use a pumpkin punch tool to punch tiny holes through the paper along the lines of the pattern, at small intervals. This creates a dotted outline of the pattern on your pumpkin. Note that the gray areas are what will be cut out of the pumpkin.
  • Once transferred, remove the pattern and use a regular carving tool to cut out along these dotted lines.
I’m going to carve mine next weekend, and I plan to share pics of the final pumpkins on #angrybirds. You should, too! Click on each of the images below to print/download the full size pattern images.

(All characters copyright Rovio Mobile LTD – I’m just doing this for fun!)