Free homemade jack-o-lantern stencils based on Angry Birds Space

2 years ago I was inspired to create jack-o-lantern stencils based on Rovio’s original Angry Birds game. Now, Angry Birds Space is my new favorite and I couldn’t resist drafting up a few more!

These stencils are modeled on Space’s extra terrestrial cast of characters: Lazer Bird, Super Red Bird, Terrence (green), Lightning Bird, Ice Bird, Bomb Bird, Atomic Bird and the Space Eagle. I love spreading Halloween cheer, so I’ve shared the templates out so that you and your families can carve your own pumpkins.

I’ve also updated the original cast stencils with three new characters: “Bubbles”, the orange bird; “Stella”, the pink bird, and “Al”, the boomerang bird.

How to carve with the patterns:

  • Click on each image to view them at full size and download.
  • Print them out (you can resize in your own image editing app, if you’d like) and attach to your pumpkin.
  • Use a pumpkin punch tool to punch tiny holes through the paper along the lines of the pattern, at small intervals. This creates a dotted outline of the pattern on your pumpkin. Note that the gray areas are what will be cut out of the pumpkin.
  • Once transferred, remove the pattern and use a regular carving tool to cut out along these dotted lines.
Space Stencils:

Space Super Red Bird StencilSpace Lightning Bird StencilSpace Ice Bird StencilSpace Bomb Black Bird StencilSpace Terrence Big Green Bird StencilSpace Lazer Bird StencilSpace Eagle StencilSpace Atomic Orange Bird Stencil

New additions to stencils based on the original game:

Al the Boomerang Bird StencilBubbles the Orange Bird StencilStella the Pink Bird Stencil:

(All characters copyright Rovio Mobile LTD – I’m just doing this for fun!)