Glaçage du grotte

Watercolour painting of the interior of a tide-smoothed cave in Broome, Australia, with crisp, graphic color segments ranging from bright magenta to dark blue

“Glaçage du grotte”

Watercolour painting of a more subdued, pastel-colored version of a cave interior in Broome, Australia

“Cave Pasteis,” an earlier version of Glaçage du grotte

Watercolour paintings, approximately 7″ x 9″ (18cm x 26cm) each

Both paintings are based on a cave visited in Broome, Australia, at low tide. The many layers of the cave’s interior had been smoothed down by the tide’s comings and goings, causing for many vibrant color sections to emerge. A hole punched in the top of the cave adds a secondary light source for a multi-toned effect. Painted on cold press watercolour paper with Winsor and Newton paints.

Watermarks are not present on the actual artwork or on prints.