Free snowflake patterns inspired by Game of Thrones

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It’s almost the holidays, and I’ve been itching to make some kind of Game of Thrones-themed Christmas craft. I came up with GoT-inspired snowflake patterns. I’m sharing them as free, printable JPGs so everyone can enjoy them!

Read on for the patterns and instructions.

How to use the patterns:

  • Print each pattern out on a sheet of paper. Each pattern is contained in an 8″x8″ square, but you can scale as needed for your use.
  • I recommend cutting out the 8″x8″ square first before folding.
  • Fold the paper 3 times along the creases until you’re left with the triangle that shows the pattern on it (see below for illustrated directions).
  • Cut out the gray areas so that the white part remains. You can choose to use an X-Acto knife if you prefer.
  • Unfold and tape to windows, attach string to hang on trees, sprinkle on some glitter, etc!

Click on each of the images below to view the full size patterns that you can save and print. And check out my Etsy store for other holiday themes and gifts!

And here are some visual instructions that you can print out as well!

Feel free to use these for your personal use. However, please do not use for commercial uses or claim you are the designer, as these were designed by hand. As always, Game of Thrones is copyright George R.R. Martin / HBO; I’m spreading the cheer for fun 🙂