NEW! Check out Game of Thrones-inspired Valentine’s Day heart patterns here!

It’s almost the holidays, and I’ve been itching to make some kind of Game of Thrones-themed Christmas craft. I came up with GoT-inspired snowflake patterns. I’m sharing them as free, printable JPGs so everyone can enjoy them!

Read on for the patterns and instructions.

How to use the patterns:

  • Print each pattern out on a sheet of paper. Each pattern is contained in an 8″x8″ square, but you can scale as needed for your use.
  • I recommend cutting out the 8″x8″ square first before folding.
  • Fold the paper 3 times along the creases until you’re left with the triangle that shows the pattern on it (see below for illustrated directions).
  • Cut out the gray areas so that the white part remains. You can choose to use an X-Acto knife if you prefer.
  • Unfold and tape to windows, attach string to hang on trees, sprinkle on some glitter, etc!

Click on each of the images below to view the full size patterns that you can save and print. And check out my Etsy store for other holiday themes and gifts!

And here are some visual instructions that you can print out as well!

Feel free to use these for your personal use. However, please do not use for commercial uses or claim you are the designer, as these were designed by hand. As always, Game of Thrones is copyright George R.R. Martin / HBO; I’m spreading the cheer for fun 🙂


  1. Just printed these out and tried them — one of each house — and I was amazed how easy it was! Was able to cut out all the patterns with just scissors. A couple were a bit tricky, but these are gonna be a huge hit around my house 🙂

    • There’s such a long list of Houses I wanted to create for–maybe I’ll get a second wind before the premiere!

  2. On a whim I tried the Targaryen one at work with my giant unwieldy work scissors and not only did it take me just a few minutes, it was easy and turned out good.

  3. I am looking below and not seeing the instructions. I literally have only cut out snowflakes once before that that was yesterday with my kid.

    • The instructions appear above the snowflakes in the “How to use the patterns” part of the blog post.

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  7. Hey!! These are great!!! I love everything that’s Game of Thrones and I could not believe someone had come up with these snowflakes. I’ve cut out 2 houses already and the rest are on the way!! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity 😀

  8. Thanks everyone! I also uploaded a set of visual instructions to help with cutting out. Cheers!

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  11. these turned out amazingly! the tully pattern ends up just a little different than the image — the pattern makes sort of two-head clubs instead of three-head clubs.

    • You are correct, but fixing it shouldn’t be that hard. Just look at the finished product above and imagine the cutting pattern if you split the club down the center. Its a little more work but if you’re willing to print the pattern and cut the stencil I’m sure a little adjustment isn’t such a big deal.

  12. SQUEEEEE! This is awesome! =D Could you also make a Martell one? If I implore you on my knees, with all my heart? 😀

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  14. Gods be good, these are wonderful! They’ll make my holdfast quite festive. My thanks 🙂

  15. Thank you for sharing. I just checked out your portfolio and paintings. You do some really amazing work!

  16. These are great, but it may get a bit dodgy trying to do House Bolton’s flayed man… <>

  17. These are so amazing and surprisingly easy. I managed to complete one for each house today! I was able to do all of them without an exact-o knife and only managed to screw one up (House Lannister) and had to print a repeat. The Baratheon, Greyjoy, and Targaryen ones are especially stunning once they’re complete. Thank you so much for taking the time to create these. They are beautiful and easy to make, even for people with no artistic qualities.

    • How do I get it so it’s a snowflake and not just the pattern cut out ten million times?
      I feel like when I’m folding it, either the wrong edges are out or you can’t see the pattern. Any suggestions?

  18. Thank you!! I am loving these!!!! I just wish there was a Tyrell one because that would be really pretty.

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  20. If at all possible could you make patterns for House Clegane and House Tyrell? They’re my favorites and they get very little representation even though they’re both so badass 🙁

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  24. I work in a library and these are perfect for creating a display with the books. I can also see some of my teens really getting in to making them! Thanks for sharing! I will also make sure that I include your info so they know where I found these and who designed them.

    • That’s a great idea! Would be awesome if you shared a link to any outcome photos 🙂

  25. I just finished all the cutouts. Very cool! Any possibility of the Night’s Watch?

    • Yep! Bonus Night’s Watch just added. Fair warning–that may be the most intricate one of the bunch.

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  28. These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing them! Would love to see ones for Tyrell and Bolton too, if at all possible

  29. Thank you for sharing this was such a fun craft to do. I can’t wait to hang the snowflakes up on my window.

  30. Love this! You’re very generous to share these amazing snowflake designs with us. Happy Howlidays!

  31. These are so great! If you have time could you please add Tyrell.

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  33. My thumb hurts but wow! Just finished the Targaryen one and it looks brilliant. Thank you so much for the patterns!

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  38. These are so perfect! I love the two new additions as well. Thank you so much for your hard work…just lovely!

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  42. These designs are the best. I was cutting them out at work and a colleague passed by and immediately recognized the Stark flak and got really excited!!! Thank you so much for posting!!!

  43. Loving them all and the designs are very easy to cut out, which is so surprising because of how detailed you have designed them. Sadly my son wished that there was a Night’s Watch, with a raven. I have tried to make one with a flower theme for Tyrell, but my skill just looked like a big mess next your designs. Thanks again for a fun activity to do with my family.

    • I’m hopeful, though can’t confirm yet, that I’ll have time this weekend for a Tyrell 🙂

    • By popular demand, I added Tyrell and a bonus Night’s Watch…that pretty much covers the main houses of Westeros!

  44. Um I think I must be really not smart with crafts. I totally got the shape of the first one but it’s like 10 ten snakes instead of a snowflake >.<

    I feel like I'm doing the folding wrong? Or cutting? Maybe I need to go re-learn snowflake principles before I do this.

    I do see the instructions and I tried to follow them, but then my pattern ends up not on the outside where I can see it and cut it.

    If anyone can give me tips like I'm 6, that would be super nice and helpful 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Naomi,

      Are you following the drawn instructions or the written ones (or both)?

      Best way to describe the folding:
      – With the design on the outside upper left corner of the paper, facing you, fold the paper vertically in half, with the right side being folded behind the left side. It will be the reverse direction as a book.
      – Now you’ll have a tall rectangle, with the design at the very top half.
      – Now fold in half again on the line, with the bottom part of the tall rectangle folding under the top part of the tall rectangle. The design should still be facing you.
      – Now you’ll have a square-shaped piece of paper with the design in the upper right triangle of the square.
      – Fold again, this time along the diagonal line, so that the non-design part folds under the design part. Now you’ll have a triangle with the design on it.
      – Cut out the gray areas, and unfold. All the white areas will remain connected.

  45. Snowflakes have SIX facets, dammit! These are very pretty, but they aren’t “snowflakes.”

    • Thanks and you are correct–I made a conscious choice to make the folding easier on everyone with octagonal versions.


    • That was my first thought too. (And if these are 8, snowflakes are 12.)

      They aren’t that hard to fold into 6 or 12, especially not if you print dotted lines where to fold… 🙂

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  47. Well, not really good idea.
    My friend decorated his appartment with this snowflakes last year. Instead of Santa he was visited by Walder Frey who had just killed everybody.
    I have no friend anymore:(

  48. I wasn’t feeling overly festive this holiday season, for it’s feeling like such a chore this year. Wrapping, packages, cards, shopping, etc, etc. However, finding these snowflake prints has reinvigorated my holiday spirit. I’m meeting with some friends this weekend for drinks and to make these. Thank you!!!

  49. thank you these are fabulous. Is it possible for you to make one for house Bracken?? A friend would love it.

  50. Thank you so much! These are brilliant and my daughters loved making them! Winter is coming, indeed.

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  52. I tried making these but for some reason the Starks kept getting cut to pieces.

  53. Hi,
    awesome stuff! you think it would be possible to publish those designs in some vector format? (pdf, svg, …) That would help me a lot 🙂

  54. I just want to thank you for generously sharing your work with us! I have been inspired to try my hand at some designing of my own. Your templates showed how to begin. So thanks!

  55. These are amazing! I didn’t think I’d be able to use them for too long but I think I am going to modge podge them to scrapbook paper and frame them! Thank you!

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  59. i just decorated my room with these and it looks so awesome. thank you for sharing. 🙂
    could you add house Bolton one please…? They’re now the biggest villains on the show! :3

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  62. These are wonderful! Easy to do and beautiful. Might you be able to do house Mormont?

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful work!

  63. These are the best! Students love them and are going to try them next week.
    Thank you so very much!