February Watercolors

It’s time again for another batch of art from my watercolor sketching new years resolution. I’m now going to post my updates at the end of every month.  Here are the sketches from February, complete with salt, snow and monks.  This batch is a bit more fanciful than my previous ones…let me know your thoughts!

A simple texture experiment to simulate a forest canopy using salt, warm green and cool green.

Salt and Monks

I was inspired by some stunning photographs of monks taken by Mike Margolis, a friend of mine who is documenting his travels across Southeast Asia.  Wanting to play around with some of their impish and whimsical expressions (perhaps in homage to the playful character Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender (the great cartoon show, not the crappy  movie)), I went off on a long tangent and sketched the below.  Check out Mike’s photography here. You’ll also notice I used quite a bit of salt in these to add playfulness.

Paintings from Boulder, Colorado

Some of you may remember me posting watercolor sketches I was making while at the Interaction 11 Conference in Boulder.  Here’s the whole batch!

The Flatirons, take 1

The Flatirons, take 2

The Flatirons, take 3

Outside of the St. Julien Hotel

Late at night, the St. Julien restaurant

More lemons!

From my prior post, you may remember that I need to improve my “lemon-capturing.”  I still am not victorious.  Lemons: 2, Krystal: 0. Thanks, and see you next month!