eBay for Galaxy Gear smartwatch

eBay’s app for the Samsung Gear smartwatch was designed to let eBay users quickly increase a bid or place a bid from a notification received on their watch, along with the ability to pass information back and forth with the eBay app on their phone.

As the design lead for eBay’s wearable products, I worked directly with a very small team to identify primary use cases eBay could support for the introduction of the Samsung Gear line. Using notifications as a baseline, I designed the architecture of the app, flows, and the design of the companion application for the mobile phone.

Notifications were designed to take advantage of the full-color Gear screen while also keeping in mind at-a-glance readability and the most critical of actions (such as increasing a bid on an outbid notification). We also translated the eBay look-and-feel to its first use on a small smart watch screen. This project also called for quick iteration whenever we discovered new constraints from the hardware or OS side.

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Summary of my activities

  • Creative direction
  • Interaction design
  • visual design
  • Wireframes
  • Information architecture