December Watercolors & New Series

It’s a new year, and we’ve come to a final installment of watercolor sketches based on the watercolor sketch resolution I made last January.  Who would have thought 12 months would pass so quickly?

I plan to take my learnings from the sketch exercises from 2011 to create more exhibition- and sale-worthy pieces throughout the next year.  In fact, I’ve even started a new series in the last week.  Check out “Killer Poms” below and after the jump.  Many of these will be available for sale.

Manic Grin - Here's a look at one painting from a series called "Killer Poms" (5"x7" - Contact for pricing). Check out the others after the jump!

Killer Poms!

I’m a huge fan of pomegranates and of sci-fi monsters, so hybridizing the two in my imagination has turned into a fun series of pieces large and small.  Watercolor turned out to be a great medium for a concept as grotesque and bloody as killer pomegranates.   I’ve noted the pieces for which you should contact me for pricing; and if there is enough demand, I may explore making prints.

This will be a continuing series from me, so stay tuned for updates as new pieces are posted.

Salivation - In an anti-Kincaidian scene, a giant pomegranate monster is about to gobble up a helpless hummingbird. 12" x 16" on 300lb coldpress. Contact for pricing

Splitjaw #1 - Possibly my favorite piece, inspired by the split-jaw monsters in so many sci-fi films. A soft-focus butterfly in the foreground is about to be lunch. 16" x 12" on 300lb coldpress. Contact for Pricing.

Killer Pom in Blood 01 - Playing with negative space and a dark crimson spatter. 10" x 7". Contact for pricing.

Killer Pom Cluster 01 - 7" x 10". Contact for pricing.

Killer Pom 04 - Originally a sketch. An exploration of more green-hued pomegranates.

"Sputter" - A green-skinned version of a pomegranate shown with spatter. 5 "x 7". Contact for pricing.

Open Wide! - Another version of the split-jaw pomegranate. 5" x 7". Contact for pricing.

Killer Pom 06 - 7"x10"

Killer Pom Spatter Test - An early version of the split-jawed killer pom to test splatter.

Killer Pom 07 - Another version of the Killer Pom / Hummingbird scene. 5" x 7". Contact for pricing.

A sketch test to explore the composition and lighting for Killer Pom 01 and Killer Pom 07

A sketch of a sliced pomegranate. This helped me to understand the structure for the series.

This sketch came about as I was playing around with the concept of bloody pomegranates.

The Yacht Club Beach Piece, Finished

Some of you may remember that I had a piece in progress when I posted my October Watercolors.  This is the finished piece:

Yacht Club Beach at Sunset - 16" x 12" on 300lb coldpress. Contact for pricing.

And here was the original: