Photo of 3 people collaborating on key actions workshop exercise
Collage image of teams of people working on onboarding activities
Photo of Krystal Higgins presenting workshop slides in Sydney
Photos of workshop artefacts including storyboards and toolkit sketches
Photo of several storyboard illustrations I created to explore the room and activity design of the workshop
Screenshot of workshop planning storyboards used in a document to map to workshop outline

Onboarding is not just a single event in the user’s experience. It is a process that links together many events, over time, to acclimate people to a new product or service. A well designed user onboarding experience will set up new users for success, adapt to changing situations, and guide them through multiple stages of their product journey.

“Create an onboarding compass” is a workshop series I created to give teams practical strategies for designing user onboarding that guides users from different situations to the same destination of success in a product or service.

Through a combination of lecture and exercises, this workshop teaches teams how to identify and prioritize key onboarding actions, scaffold key onboarding actions with guidance that leads to next steps, and build onboarding into their everyday product development process. It’s geared toward designers and product managers who are about to embark on designing an onboarding experience for a new or existing product, or for those redesigning an existing onboarding experience.

I’ve run half- and full-day versions of this workshop internationally at events including UX London, UX Days Seoul, UX Days Tokyo, and IxDA Sydney. You can also read here to learn about my process of designing this workshop via storyboarding.

Skills employed

  • Activity & template design
  • Presentation design
  • Illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Facilitation