Designing for Wearables: Sketchnotes from Google I/O

This session, held during the first day of Google I/O, focused purely on design principles and process for Android Wear and Google Glass.  A panel of 4 designers rotated through an in-depth presentation sharing their insights on topics ranging from voice input, contextual design and glanceable displays. This presentation also stood out as one with a strong resonant theme: The world is the experience.

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Material Design Principles: Sketchnotes from Google I/O

Before the I/O announcement of Android L and “Material Design”, this session was originally called “Cross Platform Design”. The speakers discussed some of the overall principles and applications of the company’s new design system across devices.

I enjoyed the discussion of metaphors as it sounded similar to the original push for skeumorphism in early mobile app design. We’ve focused far too much on judging skeumorphism as 100% bad, when instead we should focus on what it was trying to achieve (metaphors are effective at communication) and work on improving that foundational concept (as Material Design is attempting to do). Learn more about Material Design here.

My sketchnotes follow.

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Google I/O Keynote: Sketchnotes

This year’s Google I/O keynote was jam-packed with announcements ranging from Android Wear to Google Drive for Business. One of the big themes was the need to create seamless, cross-platform experiences.  The following are my sketches from the Google I/O opening keynote with a focus on the cross-platform announcements like Wear, Auto and TV.

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