Today Interaction 12 kicked off bright and early with workshops at the lovely Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. I had the pleasure of capturing a few sketchnotes during the [scant] couple of seconds break I had in my two jam-packed workshops. You may have seen some snippets on twitter, but here’s the full batch!

Prototyping Native Mobile Apps in Axure

with Fred Beecher and Jeff Harrison This session was great–a little over my head in some places, fast paced, but meaty. Some really interesting techniques learned and, as someone who needs to understand all the mobile prototyping tools available to her team (as well as each tool’s benefits and pitfalls), I came away with a very deep understanding.

Methods of Design Synthesis

with Jon Kolko Another fast-paced workshop, Jon Kolko methodically (and humorously) walked us through design idea generation methods for making research findings more digestible.

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