Today’s batch of sketchnotes come from Day 3 of the conference (day 2 of keynote tracks). The theme du jour was participatory & prototype design, which surfaced even in the most futuristic of tracks I attended.

Exploring, Sketching and Other Designerly Ways of Working

opening keynote with Jonas Löwgren Jonas shared some compelling prototype projects that emphasized high-fidelity forms of divergent (not iterative) prototyping.

Building a Better Starship: Scaling Design Systems into Humanity’s Future

with Scott Nazarian A thought experiment session that looked at the tenets of designing for the scale and complexity of the far off future. As a piece of feedback to Scott, however, I’d recommend skipping the vocab lesson (assume your audience is intelligent) because the more interesting stuff at the end was rushed.

Hacking Space Exploration and Science

with Ariel Waldman Ariel used concrete examples to show how designers can make scientific data more open by simply making it more accessible. I may have gotten that 99.5% number mixed up with 95%…but the idea that most of the universe is invisible still holds true there.

Why is No One Using Your Product?

with Julie Baher In just a short 10 minute lightning round, Julie discussed the mistake of designing a product for enthusiasts instead of pragmatists.

Designing the Mobile Wallet Experience

with Jonathan Rez Although the idea of the mobile wallet has been around for a while, Jonathan gave a fresh perspective by discussing ideas around status and the evolution of the meaning of money.

Input/Output: Interaction design at the intersection of city and its interfaces

Sami Niemelä This was a look at some of the considerations one needs to keep in mind when designing interactive displays for urban environments.

Real Users Don’t Do Tasks: Rethinking user research for the social Web

with Dana Chisnell Traditional methods of usability lab testing won’t cut it anymore–we need to learn more about our users, their relationships, and even relinquish design control to them.

From Solid to Liquid to Air: Interaction Design and the Future of the Interface

with Amber Case From cyborgs to invisibility, Amber took us on a humorous romp through interface communication questions of the present and the future.

More Sketchnotes

These talented illustrators also lent their quills to capturing moments from the conference.  Check them out!

Jason Alderman’s IxD12 sketchnotes on Twitter / @justsomeguy

Eva-Lotta Lamm’s lovely IxD12 sketchnotes on Flickr

Sam “Pub” Smith’s sketchnotes on Slideshare

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